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  • Will the game work offline after downloading the game?

    Download button will copy that game into your game list so you can edit that game as you want. Downloading game doesn’t mean that it will work without internet connection.

  • How to share a game?

    A: You can share a game from game preview screen.

    Step 1: Open the game details (game preview) screen.

    Step 2: Look for share or download button below the preview screen.

    On Desktop or Mac or Web app

    On Mobile app

  • What is the Download game for?

    Download game will allow you to clone your existing game or you can download any public game into your list so you can modify it.

  • How can I download my game?

    On Desktop / Mac / Web app

    Step 1: Open game preview screen

    Step 2: Below the preview section, you will find a download button, tap on download button and it will copy that game into your game list.

    On Mobile app

    Step 1: Open a game summary screen.

    Step 2: Tap on the three dot(…) button, it will expand different options.

    Step 3: Tap on the download button to copy the game into your game list.

  • I am not seeing any download button for public games.

    Please note you can only see the Download option if the owner set game downloaded on. If it is off then you can’t download that game.

  • I am not seeing any Download button.

    If you are on public game, you can only see download button if owner allowed to download the game.

  • How can I delete my game?

    On Desktop / Mac / Web app

    Step 1: Open the game preview screen.

    Step 2 : Under the previews, you can see a delete button.

    Step 3 : Tap on delete button and it will delete your game.

    On Mobile app :

    Step 1 : Open the game summary screen

    Step 2 : Tap on three dot (…) button and it will open different options.

    Step 3 : Tap on delete button and it will delete the game for you.

    NOTE: Once game is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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  • What is TriviMaker for?

    TriviaMaker is a platform to host a quiz either virtual or on stage show. It offers 4 different game style to choose from.

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  • I am not able to edit the public game which I like.

    You can only edit your own game, you can not edit the games which are not created by you. You can download that game into your game list, and after that you can edit that game.

  • How can I add my game to Trending or Featured games?

    You can not directly add your game into trending or featured list directly, you can send you game link to and if it is as per our requirement we will add your game into that list.

  • I am not seeing my game on the public list.

    We are showing limited games into the public list and everyday many games are being created on TriviaMaker platform. We are working on a mechanism which will help to identify quality games and we can list them on top of public games.

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