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Our platform offers a variety of game modes, including trivia challenges, quiz battles, and crowd mode, that provide a fun and interactive way to engage and motivate your audience. 

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3 Simple Steps to a Fun and Engaging Custom Trivia Game

Create a fun and engaging custom trivia game in just three simple steps! Choose your theme, enter your quiz questions, and impress your friends with your knowledge. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to create a unique game that will challenge and entertain you. Follow tutorial page to get started and become a trivia master today!

New and Exciting Game Modes to Engage Your Audience


Mirror, Launch, and Buzz with Basic Mode​

Mirror your screen to a TV or projector Engage audience with interactive events Add extra excitement with buzz in feature.

Join the Fun with Crowd Mode

Play with a large group of people using our crowd mode. Players can join the game and answer questions on their own devices.


Host an Epic Trivia Challenge with Our Controller + Presenter Mode

Dedicated controller display to manage the game and keep score Presenter display to show questions and answers to the audience Buzz-in feature to add an extra level of excitement


Play Alone with Solo Trivia

Try out our solo trivia mode for a personal challenge! Launch the game by clicking the "Play" button.

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A Trivia game style is a game where players answer questions from various categories to earn points.

To create a Trivia game, log in to your account, click on the “Create Game” option, select the “Trivia” game style, choose a theme, enter your game name and description, and set up your quiz questions manually or by uploading a CSV file.

Yes, you can customize your Trivia game by choosing colors, uploading a logo and background image, and adding a theme song.

To play a Trivia game in basic mode, navigate to “My games,” select the game you want to play, click on the “play” button, choose a mode, set up the game settings, create teams, and start playing.

To give points to a team in a Trivia game, click on the arrow icon and tap on the team. You can modify the points of a specific team by clicking on the team and then clicking on the upward or downward arrow icon to increase or decrease points simultaneously.

Yes, you can display the scoreboard during a Trivia game by turning on the toggle button for displaying the scoreboard in the game settings. If you choose to display the scoreboard, you can enter team names manually or use the “autofill with my teams” option to select teams from the drop-down list.

To start a new round in a Trivia game, click on the “Next Round” button.

To display the correct answer in a Trivia game, click on the “Answer” button.

To exit a Trivia game, click on the door icon.