Teachers, Get Ready to Supercharge Your Students with Individual Timed Quiz Questions!

We hear you! More power to you if you want to control the speed and difficulty of your quizzes. That is why we are very pleased to introduce a new feature called Individual Timed Quiz Questions! ⏱️

Setting a particular time for each question in your quizzes is possible. Just think about all the possibilities. For instance, do you want a speedy review battle for trivia during revision day? You got it! Or an easygoing mind teaser for any new unit? No problem! This Trivia timer mode is the best quiz maker for teachers to search for.

However, participants are put under pressure by trying their best to answer questions within a specific time limit. It is 30 seconds by default you can choose how intense to make it by adjusting the amount of time on the timer from No timer to up to 120 seconds when things slow down. Whether it is a quick-fire or more slow-moving session, is entirely up to you by Timed Quiz Maker.

TriviaMaker - Timed Quiz Feature

It has never been easier than this to create questions for your Timed Quiz, either manually or through AI systems. Within no time, one can generate several questions that fit his or her taste, each with its built-in timer with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Ai questions generator for FREE

Plus, with the ability to adjust the timer duration for each question, you can tailor the challenge to suit your audience’s skill level and preferences.

Gone are the days of separate timers for different game modes. The TriviaMaker “Individual Questions Timed Quiz feature”, seamlessly applies to Crowd, Solo, and Classroom modes, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience across all gameplay formats. 

No more hassle of setting timers separately for solo play – now, the timing set within each question automatically applies to solo mode as well.

Here’s why you’ll love individual timers:

Instead of having one timer for the whole quiz, with individual timers, you can set a countdown timer for every question in your TriviaMaker. This means that you will have:

  • Fast-paced challenges: Such as quick recall questions such as capitals of countries or multiplication facts are ideal for setting short timers.
  • Boost Engagement: If anything, tends to work well in placing students under some kind of fun or pressure. They therefore remain alert and ready to offer answers all through their gameplay.
  • Mix it Up: You can have different time frames within which you would like different questions to be answered; longer times for more complex questions and shorter bursts for quick recall.
  • Variety in quiz formats: Timers mean you can create quizzes that are exciting because they suit timed assessments, and lightning-round challenges, among others!

This is all thanks to you! We constantly listen to our amazing teacher community, and your feedback is what drives us to make TriviaMaker even better.

Ready to get started?

TriviaMaker’s “Individual Questions Timer” feature allows users to put a certain time limit on each specific question or the entire quiz. Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to TriviaMaker.com
  2. Create a game in Trivia mode. 
  3. Set up your question.
  4. Choose time from No Timer, 30sec, or 120sec to answer a question.
  5. Play it in 3 different modes Crowd, Solo, and Classroom mode.

So why wait?

Go create some awesome quizzes with individual timers and watch your students become trivia superstars!  We can’t wait to see the amazing learning experiences you create.

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