Using TriviaMaker to host trivia games on Zoom

How to Host Virtual Quiz

Using TriviaMaker to play trivia games on Zoom

Make your cloud staff meeting a little more fun by hosting a virtual trivia game. With TriviaMaker, you can create games with formats similar to popular tv shows like Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and Multiple Choice. All you have to do is create a game at, then share your screen in your chat and host the game like a pro!


You could also use things like: – ezTalks Meetings – GoToMeeting – – ReadyTalk – OnStream Meeting You just need to make sure that you can “share your screen” with the team.

How to split up teams and take responses: 

For now there are only 4 teams allowed (more coming soon), so I would think of ways that your group could be split into 4 teams (or less). For instance, Men vs Women, Sales vs Techs, etc.

OR you could split them alphabetical by last name: Team 1 is last name A-F, team 2 is G-M, team 3 is N-S, team 4 is T-Z.
Then you can use one of these options to let that team answer.

Option 1: Ask one person at a time (good for 2-50 people)

With this option, you would give each team a chance to answer 1 question at a time. Team 1 does question 1, and then it’s the next team’s turn on the next question, and so on. You could either select one person from the team randomly, let people “raise their hands” in Zoom, or just have each person on each team numbered and go down the list. 


Option 2: Zoom Polls (good for 50-1000+ people)


Another idea is to use Zoom’s POLLS feature. You would ask a question, and then have the team who’s turn it is answer the Zoom poll. Whichever answer most of them choose, is that team’s answer. It would require a little more work (entering your questions / answers in the Zoom polls page ahead of time) but could be really fun. 

Option 3: Zoom Breakout Rooms (good for 20-100 people)

This one is like option 1, but instead of just asking a random person from the team, you could send them in to a breakout rooms to talk it over with their team, settle on an answer, and then bring them back. It would be a good idea to give each team a spokesperson or team captain. 

Option 4: Zoom Chat (good for 2-50 people)

Lastly, you could simply have them use the chat. With this, you could play several ways. 
1 – Whoever puts the right answer in the chat first wins
2 – Let each person on the team type their answer in to the chat, and then whichever answer was typed in most will be selected as that teams answer
These are just some ideas. Thanks!
Full Tutorial

– Launching the Game: 0:49
– Bringing TriviaMaker into your meeting with “Share Screen”: 2:25
– Enabling “Share Computer Sound”:
– Opening / Printing an answer guide:
– Using “Controller & Presenter Mode”:



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