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Create interactive quizzes with TriviaMaker (Free)

Say goodbye to boring quizzes and hello to TriviaMaker – the free, user-friendly platform that lets you create interactive quizzes in minutes! Whether you’re a teacher aiming to make learning more engaging or a social butterfly planning the ultimate game night, TriviaMaker is your go-to tool.

With a vast library of question types and customization options, TriviaMaker makes it easy to tailor your quizzes to your audience’s interests. From educational quizzes that reinforce key concepts to trivia nights that bring friends together, the possibilities are endless.

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TriviaMaker for Teachers:

Make teaching more fun with TriviaMaker for Teachers! Create quizzes that match what you’re teaching. Your students will love how interesting learning becomes. TriviaMaker helps you check what they’ve learned and keeps everyone involved.

TriviaMaker for Work:

Make work more fun with TriviaMaker! Create quizzes to boost teamwork and have a good time with your coworkers. Whether it’s during meetings or team-building events, TriviaMaker helps you make work a bit more exciting.

TriviaMaker for Work:

TriviaMaker provides some other interesting features, such as the ability to tailor the appearance of your quiz to suit your style and preferences by applying different backgrounds, logos, and theme music. Additionally, you can include multimedia content like images and videos in your questions.

How to create an online quiz with TriviaMaker?

Launch: Visit TriviaMaker, click on ‘Create’, and Pick Your ‘Quiz Style’ option.

Name and Description: After selecting the format, provide a name and description for your quiz. You can also choose to make it public or downloadable.

Make a Question: 

  1. Click on Set up Your Questions. 
  2. Click on the Pen icon in the Question Section.
  3. Select Your Question type “Single answer”.  
  4. Enter Your Question & answer. Select your Points and timing. 
  5. You Can also Select Music, images, and  YouTube video link for your question & answer with further explanation. (Optional)
  6. Click on the “Save Question” button to create a Question.

Import: Import quizzes from your spreadsheets or Google Forms to avoid starting from scratch.

Customize: Add themes, background music, sound effects, fonts, and more to your questions and answer options.

Different Game Types

TriviaMaker offers six game styles. It transforms your quiz into an exciting and interactive experience. The games go beyond the standard multiple-choice format.


Trivia style lets you build quizzes with multiple-choice questions, customize themes, and choose solo or multiplayer modes.


List style lets players guess items in a category, with options for various game modes and customization.


Tic-Tac style lets you play tic-tac-toe with trivia questions as turns, turning the classic game into a strategic trivia showdown.


Grid style lets you build game shows with categories and points!


The wheel lets you spin for question categories and point values, making trivia sessions fun and unpredictable.


Fusion style blends multiple trivia formats in one quiz, keeping players engaged with the variety.

Why Choose TriviaMaker over other Quiz Makers?

Following are some reasons why you might choose TriviaMaker over other trivia creation platforms:

  • Game Style Variety: Beyond multiple-choice questions. They possess unique styles such as Grid, List, Wheel, Tic-Tac-Toe and Fusion mode that combines various styles together. This can make the game more involving and thrilling to players.
  • Engage Your Audience: By using this platform, presenters can host interactive sessions to engage their audience effectively. Especially in educational setups like preparing for exams or just for fun.
  • Customizable: We provide customization features which enable users to modify games in line with their desires. These include selecting preferred trivia game, inputting questions and answers directly or through a spreadsheet among others, even adding music and applause for added experience.
  • Crowd Mode: Crowd participation is allowed on these game styles by TriviaMaker which most other platforms fail to offer. Consequently, everybody can join the fun by using devices to answer questions and compete against one another.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The use of TriviaMaker is relatively easy. Therefore you have less time spent on understanding how it works so that you may create more quizzes.
  • Platform Compatibility: We are accessible through different platforms including Android as well as iOS devices.

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Frequently Ask Questions

An online quiz creator is a software that allows you to make quizzes, surveys and exams on your computer.

Quiz makers are interactive and create amusing learning experiences!

Yes, TriviaMaker permits you to build different types of quizzes and it is easy to create.

TriviaMaker is designed for multiple game types like single, multiple and list choice questions.

Yes. At TriviaMaker we have a variety of templates that help you get started quickly and easily.

The unique selling point of TriviaMaker is its combination of features which include being easy to use, customizable options and affordability.

Yes. It’s possible for you to add your branding elements including logos, colors and backgrounds when making quizzes in TrivaMaker.

Yes. It works across different platforms and devices hence reaching out to many people.

Your quizzes can be shared through mail, social media or you may choose to embed them in your website as well as printed if suitable.

TriviaMaker allows new users to have a trial period within which they can explore its features before opting for a subscription.

Yes, TriviaMaker provides analytic software that helps you monitor the level of interaction with your quizzes and other important indicators.

Yes, The customer care service at TriviaMaker is available to help you whenever there are issues or concerns.

You can control your subscription easily via TriviaMaker Account Options where you will be allowed to upgrade or downgrade anytime.