Crowd Mode

Where the crowd becomes the contestant

Get Everyone Involved on Their Own Devices

Q. What is crowd mode?

Contestants can submit their trivia answers in real time using their own devices.



✅    Phones     ✅    Tablets     ✅   Chrome Books  ✅   Laptops



Q. How do players join a game?

Joining a game is easy and the players don’t need to download any apps or create logins. They simply go to and enter the game code, and they’re in.


✅    No account needed      ✅    No need to install an app



Q. How many players can join?

With a free account you can have up to 20 players in each game but you can always upgrade to include up to 2000!


✅    Up to 2000 players      ✅   Tiered Pricing      ✅   Free to Try



Q. What sets TriviaMaker apart from other crowd quiz platforms?

Most other platforms only have multiple choice. But we’ve figured out a way to allow group participation in games like the Wheel, Tic-Tac-Toe, and other popular game show styles!


✅   Exciting Game Styles         ✅    Tic Tac Toe        ✅   Wheel, etc.

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