How can I add questions to a quiz from the Question Library?

Step 1: Sign Up or Log in to the TriviaMaker website.

Step 2: Once you get logged in you to go on “My games”. Then you have to choose any of the games you have created or you can download a game from the “Public games”. After choosing a game open it. 

Step 3: After the game opens, you first click on the “content” section. After that, you will see an option called “Add Questions from Library”.

Step 4: Once you click on the ”Add Questions from Library”. You will see an “add” button to add that question.

Important: TriviaMaker currently supports 6 game styles and 3 types of answer formats: Single Answer, Multiple Choice, and List Answer.

Here are the specifics:

  • For the Triva and Wheel game style, you can only add Single Answer questions.
  • For Grid and TicTac styles, you can add both Multiple-choice and Single Answer questions.
  • For the List style, you can add List Answer questions.
  • For the Fusion style, you can add all 3 types of questions.