TriviaMaker Goes Global! New Localization Feature Lets You Play in Your Language

TriviaMaker is an “online quiz creator“, and the leading platform for creating and playing fun, informative trivia games, is excited to announce its brand new localization feature! Now, trivia enthusiasts around the world can enjoy the thrill of competition and the joy of learning in their native language. You can now easily change languages from one to another with just a single click. Isn’t it cool? So join us today to make TriviaMaker your home.

Here’s what this means for you:

  • Play in your language: No more struggling to translate questions! TriviaMaker lets you enjoy the game in a language you’re comfortable with.
  • Host multilingual games: Create trivia games for a wider audience, including friends and family who speak different languages.
  • Expand your trivia horizons: Discover new trivia categories and topics from all over the world.

More Languages, More Fun!

TriviaMaker is committed to bringing people together through the power of trivia. With this update, users can now experience the platform in six different languages:

  • English (US) (en_US)
  • French (France) (fr_FR)
  • Spanish (Spain) (es_ES)
  • Arabic (United Arab Emirates) (ar_AE)
  • German (Germany) (de_DE)
  • Turkish (Turkey) (tr_TR)

Switching Languages in a 4 simple steps

Ever wanted to navigate your favorite free quiz maker in a different language?  Maybe you’re brushing up on your skills or starting fresh with a new language.  Whatever the reason, switching languages can be simple & easy. Here’s how to do it in just 4 simple steps!

  1. Login into
  2. Open Your profile.
  3. Choose the language you desire.
  4. Refresh the page to see the changes.

Important Information

When you have chosen your desired language it will affect future activities but not past. Eg: Today you have selected a language that means it will be applied to future activities that you will take in TriviaMaker. But, if you have already created a game in the default language in the past then you have to change it manually. The changes will be applied from the game preview page.

We Want to Hear From You!

TriviaMaker is always looking for ways to improve the user experience. As we roll out this new feature, we encourage you to try it out share your feedback, and make us a top online quiz maker. Let us know what you think by contacting our friendly support team at

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