Introducing TriviaMaker Assignments!

How to Create and Share Assignment Mode

Imagine quizzes that students actually love doing, and teachers can use to see exactly what everyone learned. That’s TriviaMaker Assignments!


  • Whip up quizzes in minutes: Pick any topic, add fun trivia questions, and share them with a click.
  • See how everyone did: Get instant reports on who aced it and who needs a little extra help.
  • Know what they got wrong: See which questions tripped students up, so you can explain them better.
  • Set your own deadlines: Give everyone enough time, or adjust it if needed.


  • Take quizzes on your own time: No more rushing in class! Do your best whenever you’re feeling sharp.
  • Compete with friends (or just yourself): Show off your knowledge and climb the leaderboard.
  • Learn from your mistakes: See which answers you missed and get better next time.
  • It’s like a game, but way smarter! TriviaMaker Assignments make learning fun and help teachers give everyone the support they need.

How It Works:

  • Create: Teachers design trivia assignments using TriviaMaker’s intuitive tools.
  • Share: Assignments are shared with students via preferred methods.
  • Complete: Students access and complete assignments independently at their own pace.
  • Review: Teachers receive scores and detailed answer reports for each student.
  • Analyze: Teachers pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and areas for personalized instruction.
  • Adjust: Deadlines can be extended or modified as needed to accommodate individual needs or class progress.


  • Enhances Engagement: Interactive trivia format keeps learners motivated and focused.
  • Promotes Self-Paced Learning: Students progress at their own speed, fostering ownership and confidence.
  • Provides Meaningful Assessment: Data-rich reports offer insights into student understanding and identify areas for growth.
  • Supports Differentiation: Teachers can tailor assignments and feedback to meet individual needs.
  • Encourages Active Learning: Challenging trivia prompts stimulate critical thinking and knowledge application.
  • Streamlines Assessment Workflow: Simple assignment creation, distribution, and review tools save time and effort.

Unlock the power of engaging assessment and personalized learning with TriviaMaker’s Assignment Mode. Transform the way you evaluate student understanding and create a more dynamic, student-centered learning experience.

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