How to use Crowd Mode

Crowd Mode Explained:

Crowd mode in TriviaMaker allows participants to join a trivia game you’re hosting and answer questions in real time using their own devices. This eliminates the need for physical buzzers and makes the game accessible to a wider audience.

Here’s how it works:

Host creates a game: You choose the game settings, categories, and questions.

Participants join: Players open the provided URL on their devices and enter a nickname.

The game starts: You present the questions through the host screen, and participants answer through their devices.

Real-time results: Answers are submitted and displayed on the host screen, allowing you to track progress and keep everyone engaged.

Benefits of Crowd Mode:

Increased engagement: More people can participate, making the game more interactive and exciting.

Remote play: Players can join from anywhere with an internet connection, ideal for virtual gatherings or large groups.

No physical equipment: Eliminate the need for physical buzzers or controllers, simplifying setup and gameplay.

How to Play Crowd Mode:

As the Host:

1. Choose “Crowd Mode” when launching TriviaMaker.

2. Set up your game with categories, questions, and settings.

3. Click “Launch Host Screen” to start the game.

4. Share the join URL with participants (

5. Present the questions and track answers on the host screen.

6. Announce winners and celebrate!

For Participants:

1. Open the join URL ( on your device.

2. Enter a nickname and join the game.

3. Wait for the host to start the game.

4. Read the questions carefully and submit your answers through your device.

5. See your responses and the leaderboard on the results screen.

Additional Tips:

Ensure everyone has a stable internet connection for a smooth gameplay experience.

Consider using the “Show Hints” option to add difficulty levels and keep the game challenging.

Have fun and encourage friendly competition among participants!

I hope this explanation and steps make Crowd Mode clear and easy to understand for both hosts and participants. Enjoy your trivia game!

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