Using the TriviaMaker TV app is the best way to host a trivia game.

To make it work, follow these simple instructions:

1. Download the TV App.


To use the TV app, you will need to download the app on a compatible AppleTV, Android TV, or Amazon FireTV device.

The easiest way to find the app is to simply search “triviamaker” (ONE WORD) on any of those platform’s app store.

Once the TriviaMaker TV app is downloaded, all you need to do is open it, and take note of the TV CODE which is displayed on the TV screen. This unique 6 digit code refreshes each time you open the app and after each game played.

2. Open the main TriviaMaker app and load a game. 

You can open TriviaMaker app on your phone / tablet, or use the web app at To load a game, simple click on “load / edit” on the main screen, and then find the game you’d like to load.

3. Click on the game you’d like to play, then click the “TV” icon.

4. Enter the TV code (found on the TV screen), then launch the game by hitting “Play Now.”

5. Use the mobile / web app as a remote to control the TV app. 

You will notice that the game displayed on the app looks different than the one on the TV. This is done on purpose to give you a “presenter’s view” where you can see the answers on your device, but the audience can’t see them until you click them. 


We hope you love the combination of using the mobile app and the TV app! If you find any errors or have an suggestions, please feel free to contact us!