How to Use Classroom Mode

TriviaMaker’s “My Classroom” feature provides a convenient and organized way for teachers or hosts to conduct quizzes with pre-added students or participants. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements.

  1. Room Creation:
    • The teacher or host can create a virtual classroom or room within TriviaMaker.
    • The teacher can also import from Google Classroom.
  2. Pre-Added Participants:
    • The host can add students or participants to the classroom in advance. This eliminates the need for participants to enter their names each time they join a quiz session.
  3. Unique Classroom Link:
    • Each classroom is associated with a unique link. This link is likely provided by TriviaMaker and serves as a one-time sharing effort by the host or teacher.
  4. PIN Entry for Participants:
    • Participants or students can join the quiz session by entering a PIN set by the host. This adds an extra layer of security and ensures that only authorized individuals can access the quiz.
  5. Single-Time Sharing:
    • The host or teacher needs to share the unique link only once. Participants can then use this link to enter the virtual classroom whenever a quiz is scheduled.
  6. Seamless Quiz Experience:
    • With the pre-added participants and unique link/PIN system, the quiz experience becomes more seamless for both the host and participants.

This type of feature is particularly beneficial for educators who want to streamline the quiz-taking process, maintain a level of control over participants, and ensure a more efficient and organized classroom experience.

If you have specific questions or if there are additional details you’d like to know about TriviaMaker’s “My Classroom” feature contact our support team at 

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