Next Day Quiz Conversions

We're excited to help you turn your paper quiz into a trivia game!

Here is how it works

You Scan / Take a Photo of Your Quiz

You can use our Quiz Converter portal to send us the photos of your paper quiz. If you have it in digital form (word document, etc.) that's even better. If you do scan / take a photo, please make sure that the image is bright, straight, and in focus. If the photo / scan is low quality, we will email you recquesting a better copy.

We Turn it into a Trivia Game

Once we have your photo / scan of your quiz, we will use OCR (optical character recognition) to scan in your questions and answers and make it into an interactive game.

We Add it to Your Account in 24 Hours

We do our best to get your game created and added into your TriviaMaker account in less than 24 hours. There are times when this may not happen (Ex. Our conversion queue is extremely long, or your quiz is submitted over a holiday / weekend) but we will always do our best to get it to you ASAP!

You Review It

We do our best to create an error free trivia game, but it's possible that typos or wrong answers can sneak in. You should always thoroughly review the game before you play it with your group.

You Host It Like A Pro

Now that the game is complete, you can get up there and knock it out of the park.

Conversion FAQ and Policies

What Game Styles can be converted?

For now, we can only convert Multiple Choice / Trivia style quizzes. If you’d like something else converted, please send us an email. 

How many games can I get converted?

You can submit as many quizzes as you’d like over time, but it is limited to one per day. 

If you’d like to do a lot more than this, send us an email at

Is my uploaded quiz Private or Public?

By default, uploaded quizzes will be added to our public teacher game library. You can toggle this off when submitting your quiz.

What are your policies for the quizzes I submit?

We can not convert quizzes that contain profanity, racism, or any other offensive items. You can read more about what is allowed in our “Terms of Use.”

Got all that?

Great! Send it our way.