Guidelines for Games

Before you submit your game, make sure the game meets these guidelines:

Beautiful Design

If you choose to use your own color scheme, make sure the colors look nice together and that all the fonts are easy to read.


Your game should be fun and make people want to play it! It’s ok to have FUNNY questions and answers.


Make sure that you don’t have blank questions and answers. Each question and answer should be completely filled out.


All games need to be appropriate for all ages. Your game should NOT include any profanity, sexual references or jokes, nudity, or inappropriate content.

Error Free

Spelling, grammar, questions and answers need to be accurate, so proof read, spell check, and proof read again. Check all of your questions and answers to make sure they’re correct. We won’t publish games that have wrong answers.

Popular Topics

Try creating games using popular topics like Bible Trivia, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Comics, Movies, Baby Showers, etc. Try to theme the entire game around your topic. If it’s a Harry Potter game, use colors, team names and a custom background that is based on that theme.We’d also love to see games that would be helpful for teachers, such as “Spanish Vocab” or “Biology 101” or something.

Submission Process

Create Your Game

Use the TriviaMaker Mobile App or the Web App to create your game.  

And YES, you can create and submit as many games as you’d like. However, it would be better to create several REALLY GOOD GAMES than a ton of low quality games. 

Follow All Guidelines

Be sure to follow all of the guidelines for submitted games as mentioned above.

Proof Read

Make sure that all of your questions and answers are correct and free of typos.

Submit Your Game

Email us your link at

Wait Patiently For Results

We will be choosing the 100 top games over the next few months, so wait patiently. We will email you and collect your payment info if your game is selected. 

Got all that?

Great! Send it our way.